Fr, 21. Dez. 2018   Huber, Valentina

New journal article by Ansgar Belke and Gunther Schnabl "The European Monetary Union on a Bumpy Road – Challenges and Solutions for an Uncertain Future" is published now at The Economists’ Voice

In the face of the still lingering European financial and debt crisis, this issue of the Economist's Voice provides a comprehensive evaluation of the status quo of the European Monetary Union. The included papers develop and evaluate strategies to stabilize EMU on its bumpy road towards an uncertain future. For this purpose, leading economists provide their expertise on one of the most vital global economic policy issues in five policy papers. In the policy forum, economists from all over Europe discuss perspectives and options for reform of the euro area. Thus, the readers gain valuable insights into the future path of EMU.

The full article you can read here.