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Samstag, 08 Dezember 2018 20:03

Ansgar Belke invited to speak at 2019 Davos Blockchain Economic Forum, joint with Joshua Aizenman (NBER), Alex Cukierman (Bank of Israel), Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago)


Ansgar Belke will deliver a speech "Monetary Policy for Decentralized Currency" at the 2019 Davos Blockchain Economic Forum, January 24-26, 2019.

He will also take part in the Round Table "The Board and Monetary Policy for Decentralized Currency" dealing with the following issues:

- How should a global central bank and monetary policy be designed and governed?
- How independent currency supply could be regulated to mitigate volatility and inflation?
- How credit multiplier will work there: P2P loans vs banks?
- What is the roadmap for "stable" independent 

To get a full agenda and the list of confirmed speakers - please follow the link. 

Von:Huber, Valentina