Sa, 08. Dez. 2018   Huber, Valentina

Ansgar Belke invited to speak at 2019 Davos Blockchain Economic Forum, joint with Joshua Aizenman (NBER), Alex Cukierman (Bank of Israel), Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago)

Ansgar Belke will deliver a speech "Monetary Policy for Decentralized Currency" at the 2019 Davos Blockchain Economic Forum, January 24-26, 2019.

He will also take part in the Round Table "The Board and Monetary Policy for Decentralized Currency" dealing with the following issues:

- How should a global central bank and monetary policy be designed and governed?
- How independent currency supply could be regulated to mitigate volatility and inflation?
- How credit multiplier will work there: P2P loans vs banks?
- What is the roadmap for "stable" independent 

To get a full agenda and the list of confirmed speakers - please follow the link.